Anton Paar ShapeTec Hungary equipped with ERP system

In order to adopt the standard of the Anton Paar group, the ERP system SAP was introduced one year after Anton Paar ShapeTec Hungary went into operation.

It has now been more than a year since the expansion of Anton Paar ShapeTec in Zalaegerszeg went into operation with the acquisition of a company building in the plastics industry. As an independent company within the Anton Paar group, Anton Paar ShapeTec Hungary specializes in the production of customer-specific turned and milled parts made of plastics as well as light metals, in addition to the assembly of components.


Anton Paar purchased the Hungarian company Terra-Net Kft. in 2019 in order to expand its production focus and extend the technologies in the company. In the process, not only all employees were taken over, but also its operating system. In the Anton Paar Group, the ERP system SAP is standard, so Anton Paar ShapeTec Hungary was also to be equipped with it. After four months of preparation, the old operating system was thus replaced by SAP from the first of August 2021. All relevant company processes are now mapped via the ERP system. Production control and order processing have been adapted to the current state of the industry, which means that planning, implementation and processing to and from customers can be carried out more efficiently.