ShapeTec expands machinery

Another expansion in Anton Paar ShapeTec's machinery makes it possible to produce even larger workpieces just as efficiently: a brand new turn-mill center in the metal cutting department in Wundschuh.

To further develop our know-how and technologies, Anton Paar ShapeTec is committed to expanding its machine and production capacities. Consequently, there has recently been a high-quality acquisition for the machining area in Wundschuh, which was equipped with a brand-new turn-mill center.


Turn-Mill Center Index G420

At the end of 2022, a new turn-mill center type G420 from the manufacturer Index was put into operation in the machining department at Anton Paar ShapeTec in Wundschuh. Several turn-mill centers of the smaller model type G220 are already in use in CNC machining. Compared to the older machines, the G420 offers further advantages. For example, it is now possible to manufacture even larger workpieces just as efficiently and in just as complex a manner. Equipped with three tool carriers - a motorized milling spindle with a magazine for 115 tools and a speed of 12,000 rpm, as well as two tool turrets equipped with 12 tools each - a bar loader, a gantry loading unit and a chip conveyor, a small step is taken towards automation. Unlike the smaller G220 model, the even more powerful integrated 2-axis workpiece handling system is also capable of loading the machine in addition to unloading. The main and counter spindles are designed for bar diameters up to 100 mm and, for chucked parts, up to 400 mm, and the work area can accommodate workpieces up to 1600 mm long. In addition, the turrets also have a steady rest function to support long, wavy parts. Simultaneous machining of a workpiece with all tool carriers is also possible with other already existing machines, but the Index G420 has the advantage of one more turret, which in total can reduce production time. "One special feature that the G420 offers us is, in addition to the expanded part size, quite clearly the integrated grinding function. This means that smaller grinding operations can already be carried out directly in the G420," explains Helmut Ehmann, programmer in the machining department.