Anton Paar ShapeTec. Everything from a single source.

Precision components, mechatronic assemblies, OEM devices.

We have exceptional expertise in laser cutting, bending, welding, turning and milling, surface technology and electronics. Our strong technological diversity forms the basis for extraordinary products for medical technology, railway technology, measurement technology, aerospace, and many more areas.

Our specialists are outstanding. Their personal commitment, solution orientation, dedication, and know-how are the driving force behind our performance and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our process control through powerful ERP systems and a strong supply chain is progressive. The delivery of each component and each OEM product marks the end of a meticulously planned process that is fully traceable and completely documented.

Our commitment to the highest quality is uncompromising. The quality of our manufacturing is defined not only by efficiency, maximum precision and the use of the latest manufacturing technologies, but also by our attention to detail.

Anton Paar ShapeTec. Your partner for the highest demands.

Components for medical technology

When it comes to a person's life, there can be no compromises. We manufacture components for the medical sector with tolerances down to 1 micrometer, as well as complex geometries with the smallest wall thicknesses. Our product range extends from implants and various components for prostheses and orthoses, to devices for the surgical field. Certified according to ISO 13485, our manufacturing processes meet the highest requirements in medical technology. Reliability and precision are a matter of course for us.

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Components for the aviation industry

High temperature differences. Corrosion. Violent shaking. Extreme material loads. Aviation requires material and manufacturing know-how at the highest level. From chassis components, to the emergency exit hammer. We manufacture complex turned and milled parts as well as OEM assemblies in lightweight construction. In environments highly susceptible to corrosion, the perfect surface finish is just as important as the design itself. We have a wide range of surface processing technologies directly in-house. In addition, our company is certified for welding according to aviation standard ISO 24394.

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Components for railway technology

Safety. Comfort. And a long service life of more than 30 years. Particularly high demands are placed on rail vehicles. Components and parts manufactured by us can be found in their interiors and exteriors. These include housings for displays and emergency call pillars or black boxes for trains, as well as support arms for windscreen wipers. Our company is certified for the welding of rail vehicle parts according to EN 15085-2.

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OEM production

Your focus is entirely on research and product development. You outsource manufacturing and assembly. As a system supplier, we cover the entire manufacturing process and, in addition to production, also handle the purchase of components for you. Our OEM services range from engineering, manufacturing, assembly and functional testing to product documentation and shipping. Whether for global corporations, medium-sized companies or small businesses, Anton Paar ShapeTec manufactures OEM products of the highest quality in any quantity. With us, your ideas take shape.

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Casing construction

The housing of your products embodies your brand and the value of your product in a unique way. Whether information terminals, laboratory measuring devices, industrial monitors, control cabinets, loudspeaker housings or fire alarm systems: We manufacture housings of all kinds in various shapes and sizes up to protection class IP69, EMC-compliant or EX-protected. Depending on the application of the enclosure, we carefully select the materials with you. And in production, we rely on all technologies of sheet metal processing, machining and surface technology. Realize your ideas with us in terms of form, function and design.

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Electronics manufacturing

Electronic components are always part of a larger whole. As an EMS service provider, we offer you comprehensive services for the production of prototypes and series: Printed circuit board assembly using the most modern SHT and THT processes, as well as cable assembly. We support you by means of DFM services to exploit improvement potentials at an early stage, and to avoid costly adjustments in series production. Extensive test procedures such as AOI, Quins, in-circuit tests and flying probe test systems guarantee the highest quality and maximum functional reliability of all electronic components. We know how to produce efficiently and at fair prices at our Austrian location using the most modern technologies.

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The promise of quality

Quality is important to us. Anton Paar ShapeTec quality is reflected in the way we communicate with our customers, in the continuous optimization of our manufacturing processes, in the use of state-of-the-art production technology, and in the processing of high-quality materials. Quality is an essential pillar of our corporate culture. Every employee takes responsibility, doesn't shy away from a critical look and sets new impulses to exploit potential for improvement.

We stand behind this quality promise, which is expressed in every Anton Paar manufacturing service.

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Company information

Anton Paar ShapeTec GmbH is an independent subcontracting company located in Wundschuh, near Graz/Austria, and part of the Anton Paar Group. Anton Paar ShapeTec offers you customer-specific solutions in sheet metal and bonding technology, the machining of complex parts with low tolerances, production of electronic flat modules and assembly of mechatronic system assemblies. The extraordinary range of production technologies – everything from a single source – and state-of-the-art machine park are a trademark for our company.

Without our employees we could never be this successful. We place great value on qualifications, dedication and the opportunity to gain further training. We choose our employees carefully and also train apprentices within the company. Our experts are given the best working conditions and options for development: The excellent know-how of Anton Paar ShapeTec’s employees – people make the difference – in combination with the core competences of the Anton Paar Group allow your ideas to take shape.

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