Assembly of printed circuit boards — electronic production

The assembly of printed circuit boards according to customer requirements is one of the specialist areas of Anton Paar ShapeTec. In addition we are specialized in the assembly of cables in small and medium-sized series.

Checks ensure the highest quality


The circuit boards and assemblies are checked by qualified experts. This check can be carried out according to standard check routines such as AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) or according to the individual test requirements of our customers.

Individual production approach for customers


Anton Paar ShapeTec has a custom-tailored production approach for every single requirement. Based on the experiences made in the first production cycle, we discuss with the customer which options for optimization can be implemented for serial production. The industrialization and production of prototypes or initial samples are available in standard or express delivery time.

Our service portfolio includes the following technologies:

  • SMT technology (vapor phase soldering, AOI)
  • THT technology (wave soldering and selective soldering in nitrogen)
  • Checking technologies
  • Cable assembly
  • Production of coils
  • Coating technologies



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