Instrument construction and assembly of system assemblies

The success story of Anton Paar GmbH began with the development of the first digital density meter with an oscillating U-tube at the end of the 1960s. Since then, the owners of Anton Paar ShapeTec have enjoyed great success both nationally and internationally. From the beginning the focus was on research and development. This has resulted in a product range which has been extended by many successful innovations. Anton Paar has a reputation around the world as a state-of-the-art instrument specialist.

Expertise and know-how


The subsidiary Anton Paar ShapeTec enjoys a similar reputation among its customers around the world. Years of expertise and corresponding know-how enables the highest customer demands to be met to the complete satisfaction of both parties. This also creates trust in the quality of the products we produce for you. As a supplier of assemblies for aviation and medical technology in particular, it is important to react regularly to technological change and new challenges. This guarantees products with the highest quality and safety.

From engineering to the complete instrument


The service portfolio ranges from engineering to the production and assembly of OEM products and system assemblies and also includes the construction of complete instruments. Mechanical and electronic components as well as sheet metal parts are produced in-house. Additionally required parts and purchased parts are procured by Anton Paar ShapeTec independently.

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