Casing construction

Individual in form, design and function. Casing solutions for unique products.

The housing of your products embodies your brand and the value of your product in a unique way, protects the sensitive inner components and is a visual eye-catcher. Our housing portfolio is broadly diversified. Whether you require safety-related housings such as fire alarm systems, tunnel horns or emergency call pillars, enclosures for drinking fountains, bicycle rental stations, information terminals and lecterns, or housings for laboratory and process measuring equipment, Anton Paar ShapeTec is your complete machine and equipment housing component supplier. Thanks to our many years of experience and diverse manufacturing technologies, we are able to respond to individual wishes in the best possible way, and create solutions for customers from a wide range of industries.

The right angle. For precise shaping.

For the production of high-quality cladding in small and medium batch sizes, we use all core technologies in the fields of sheet metal processing, machining, surface technology and joining technology. We manufacture complex parts with a maximum length of 4 m and a thickness of up to 15 mm on CNC-controlled bending machines. Our challenge is to constantly test the limits of what is possible, and to carry out bending operations with up to 20 bend sequences on one component. As a certified welding company according to EN ISO 3834-2, we use all processing options such as TIG welding, CMT welding, MAG welding, spot welding and TIG welding robots. Anton Paar ShapeTec specializes primarily in thin sheet processing. We weld plates ranging in thickness from 0.5 mm to 15 mm. Around 95 % of all machined parts have a material thickness of up to 3 mm.

Surface treatment. The perfect finish is what counts.

To give the housing the final touch, the surface design follows exactly the specifications of your corporate design. Our offer includes techniques such as electroplating, anodizing, grinding, painting, powder coating and printing (digital printing and screen printing). We either rely on our own long-standing expertise or work closely with renowned partners. Even the smallest gaps, scratches or irregularities are unacceptable for industries such as medical technology, food technology or pharmaceuticals. Our customers know that only perfectly machined parts leave our company.

Maximum flexibility. For economically attractive solutions.

Upon request, we will gladly handle the entire manufacturing process of your high-quality casing, whether it's made of stainless steel, armored steel, stainless materials from 3D to mirror plate quality, or various aluminum alloys. We manufacture housings up to protection class IP 69, and explosion-proof enclosures. In the production of primarily small and medium quantities, economic efficiency plays an important role for us, in addition to stability and design. Since all key technologies are concentrated in our company, we're able to offer you the greatest possible flexibility, and can start at any of the various production stages. Whether related to joint engineering, customized housing, prototyping, or pure contract manufacturing, your individual wishes are our top priority.

As different as the shapes and sizes of housings are, as wide-ranging are the requirements of our customers. Intensive information exchange, flexibility, development of the best solution: We produce housings that optimally fulfil requirements regarding, e.g. design and functionality.

Display housing for information systems.

Indoors and outdoors. Protection against dust, dirt and water. EMC-compliant, of course. Whether hand-held, tabletop, lectern or wall-mounted solutions, Anton Paar ShapeTec produces information terminals, lecterns and display systems for train stations, event centers and airports. Individually designed and precisely manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and sheet steel. Display housings from our company offer the best protection for sensitive electronics and sensor technology. Our solutions are user-friendly, functional and durable.

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Housing for precision measuring instruments.

Housings for measuring instruments must be functional, stable and safe. The measuring device may be exposed to aggressive sample material, heavy contamination and temperature fluctuations. The housing has to protect the sensitive measurement technology, and all electronic components, from external influences. We manufacture housings up to protection class IP 69, and explosion-proof enclosures. Benefit from our many years of expertise in the construction of housings for precision measuring instruments.

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