Aviation and aerospace – the highest standards for absolute safety

Resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion and the right behavior under cold conditions: Products for aviation and aerospace must be highly resilient. Anton Paar ShapeTec produces components and OEM assemblies which meet customers’ requirements and guarantee absolute safety.

Established partner


Only products which deliver top performance are suitable for use in aviation and aerospace. These high demands are met by Anton Paar ShapeTec due to the company‘s longstanding experience, comprehensive know-how and efficient production processes. Audits from leading producers of airplanes additionally verify the excellent performance, efficiency and safety of the produced components and OEM assemblies.

Efficient and reliable


Quality control, traceability, documentation: Customers from the fields of aviation and aerospace place high demands on their products. We provide them with individual and reliable solutions so they can achieve the best results. Customers also have access to a comprehensive technology portfolio which allows them to continuously optimize their products.

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