Construction of housings and machines – versatility and precision

The housing and machine construction industry is predominantly characterized by versatility, changing special fields and the high demands placed on the implemented components and OEM assemblies. Anton Paar ShapeTec has been active in this industrial branch for years and produces components whose high load limits and absolute precision are self-evident.

Large product portfolio

From machine housings and turning centers to control cabinets and housings for the food industry: Anton Paar ShapeTec provides reliable solutions for the individual requirements of customers all around the world. Stability, design and economic efficiency for the customer play an important role when producing such small and medium-sized batch numbers.

Cast from the same mold

All core technologies in the field of sheet metal processing, machining and surface technologies are implemented in production. Except for a small number of surface treatments each production step occurs in-house. This shortens the planning time, simplifies the logistics and assembly and guarantees you the highest processing quality at all times – you can trust in this!

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