Expansion of the Anton Paar ShapeTec machine park

Two new punch laser machines at Anton Paar ShapeTec! Previously outsourced services can now be manufactured in-house.

Expanding the customer portfolio, entering new market fields, and implementing customers' permanently increasing requirements with high precision: These are all goals of Anton Paar ShapeTec, which are constantly strived for through three site expansions in the past years, as well as the expansion and renewal of machine and production capacities. That is why there are two major investments in the area of laser processing in Wundschuh.


Punch Laser Machine TruMatic 7000

It sounds like it comes from the future, but it already exists at Anton Paar ShapeTec: a high-end combination machine called TruMatic 7000. An older model of this punch laser machine was already purchased in 2010, but due to the high workloads, the laser processing department in Wundschuh was equipped with an additional punch laser machine in July 2021. For two years the older combination machine is still running as a backup but after many years under full load and many production hours it is time to replace it with a new model of the same type. This combination machine is scheduled to go into operation as early as June 2023. With the two fully operational punch laser machines, we can noticeably increase our capacity range. This will enable us to cover the increased capacity requirements and, in addition, to manufacture the previously outsourced services in-house.


Equipped with a Trumpf laser and a cutting and punching head, the TruMatic 7000 enables accurate complete processing of aluminum and stainless steel components.  It also offers the huge advantage - as the name 'combination machine' suggests - of performing several work steps on a single machine: Laser cutting, punching, thread forming, reforming, marking and engraving. The advantage of this is that all work steps can be completed on this machine, and some of these operations can be avoided further down the line. Higher machine utilization and increased process reliability in automated multi-shift operations are provided by:

  • the SheetMaster, which automatically loads, unloads and sorts the finished parts
  • the GripMaster, which disposes of residual grids
  • the ToolMaster with 54 tool stations and main time-parallel set-up
  • the parts conveyor belt, and
  • the TruTops Boost programming

Whether small or large workpieces, delicate or robust sheets with dimensions up to  3000x1500 mm, a thickness of up to 8 mm and a maximum workpiece weight of 280 kg:
The TruMatic 7000 processes all of this with the highest precision.